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Worlds of Fun Rubber Ducky Regatta


How does the Race work?

Each duck in the Worlds of Fun Rubber Ducky Regatta is marked with a number, and each duck has a ticket to correspond with this number. When you sponsor a duck (for a $5 suggested donation), you will actually be receiving a ticket with your duck’s number written on it.

As the ducks are sponsored, staff and volunteers register each duck and ticket. The ducks will float down the Caribbean Cooler at Oceans of Fun to the finish line. At the finish line there be nets that correspond to a prize. As they cross the finish line, we record the ducks’ numbers and determine the winners!

How do I sponsor a duck?

Online Duck Registration will be available soon.

Where do you get the prizes?

Winners who are not present will receive prizes in the mail with 14 days of the event.

Winners of the Duck Race:

You do not have to be present to win. The Winners of the WOF 2014 Rubber Ducky Regatta will be posted at after the event. All winners will be notified within 14 working days after the event.

How can I become involved?

We have lots of great opportunities to volunteer! From helping with the WOF Rubber Ducky Regatta to volunteering for ALSF, please email Susan Blowey at [email protected].

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